What hesitations did you have about working with me?

First of all, I had to overcome my hesitation of working with myself, opening up not only to someone I don’t know but foremost to myself. Being ready to be honest to myself.

What results have you achieved since we started working together?

I am much more conscious about my actions and also conscious about me not being conscious sometimes. I can better allocate my feeling, understand and handle them. And I have learnt that how I feel is a result of my own actions and thoughts and not god-given.

What did you like best about working with me?

Your humor and that you were never judging, just acknowledging and stating things

How else have you benefited from our work together?

It was an interesting journey for me and I believe it has by far not finished here, but I am looking forward to what is coming next. Not with fear but with curiosity.

Would you recommend me and my services? If so, why and to whom?

Yes! To everyone. I am convinced that the methods and models you use can be applied to everyone who is open to a coaching (or opens up after the first session:)).




When I started the coaching sessions with Sandra, I felt very insecure. I had no trust in myself. I was convinced I couldn’t change, and I wasn’t able to do new things. Most often, I felt bored and anxious. Here I’d like to add that I had a nice job. I was single. I had a group of friends and my own passions/hobbies. I loved traveling etc. I didn’t know that I could influence my feelings.

Thanks to Sandra’s coaching, I started paying attention and writing down my thoughts. I realized the negative thoughts made me feel how I felt, and afterward I chose other thoughts that would serve me better. This helped me see and believe I am capable, I can change, I can do new things, and I am worthy. By the end of the coaching sessions, I was another person. Even though the circumstances in my life stayed the same, I had the same job, lived in the same place, had the same friends, but inside, I was changed. Now I trust myself. I am confident that I can change my life, and I really believe I can do new things. I feel excited, I accept myself, and I feel worthy. So the relationship I had with myself dramatically changed, from avoidance, not accepting myself, not trusting myself, to self – kindness, self-worth, love, and self-acceptance.

Sure, occasionally, the old pattern of thinking comes back, the doubt and the insecurity… but now, I have counterarguments I use and I believe, so I can get back on the right track easily. I appreciate that Sandra listened to my thoughts and guided me into discovering my own patterns of thinking, supported me into accepting them and changing them. The coaching sessions were definitely very intense, because during them, I could go deep into my own mind, my pattern of thinking, and understand the thoughts I had, the feelings generated by them, and eventually, the actions I took.

I loved that Sandra allowed me to open up, trust her, and share with her my deepest thoughts, beliefs, and issues. Without Sandra’s support, I wouldn’t have made it! So I definitely recommend Sandra as a coach!


Assistant Manager, Milan

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me over these recent coaching sessions. I’m able to look at situations from a completely different perspective. It’s been amazing to work through all the issues I thought were stopping me from moving forward, and to realize I have the ability to create the situations I desire. The progress that’s happened in my life and work over the last few weeks has been brilliant. I’m very grateful, and really looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Martin Court

Personal Assistant, London

Working with Sandra has truly opened an exciting and amazing new chapter in my life. She has helped me realise where I stand in life, listened patiently to everything, and then guided me step by step through the points where I can improve and look at my patterns more closely to change them. Every week, I was excited about our coaching sessions, and she has supported me through all my questions before and after the sessions with emails. I am very glad to have made this connection and to take control over the way I want to feel.

Dafna G.

Brand Coordinator, Melbourne

I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Sandra; her coaching has been invaluable in confronting my constant negative feelings and challenging them head-on to help me achieve a better outcome in my life.

As a newly qualified life coach, she coached me to find and regain my courage after a major setback affecting my work. She encouraged me to question the validity of my emotions and feelings and then to continue to become free from them. I have since learned how to apply the techniques she taught me and try them, and unsurprisingly, this worked also.

Which goes to support the belief that if you change your negative feelings to positive ones and take actions, you most definitely change the outcome and gain the best most positive results possible. Thank you so very much, Sandra.

Gio Gregory

Professional Life Coach, England

I think, initially, I was concerned. I didn’t know if we would connect with each other, but after our first few minutes of our call, I felt comfortable. The greatest achievement of our time together was understanding that I want people to be authentic with me, and I want to be authentic with my needs, too. I like that Sandra stayed objective. Even when we were talking about things that were very emotional, I feel like that didn’t distract her – she didn’t get involved in my story and helped me to look at just the facts. Through coaching with Sandra, I also learned that I can sit with being uncomfortable.

If someone asked me for a referral, I would absolutely recommend Sandra and her coaching.

Wendy B.

Human Resources, Northern California